Information about family tax credits

Family Tax Credits & Vouchers
Full range of childcare vouchers accepted, please contact us for more info. Also your employer may be able to offer you help with the cost of your Ofsted registered or approved childcare.  
Tax Credits
These are 'Top Up' payments from the goverment to support families in accessing high quality childcare and early education services.
Childcare Element of Working Tax Credits
You can qualify for the childcare element if you are aged 16 or over, work 16 hours or more a week, are responsible for a child or are a qualifiying young person and use Ofsted registered or approved childcare. You may receive upto 80% off the cost of your childcare.
To find out of you qualify or require more information contact the HM Revenue & Customs helpline on 0845 300 3900 or you can visit the goverment website here at For more details on how Kidzone Childcare can help support you and your children please don't hestitate to contact us.